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I have always wondered about circus. How life has been for the performers, for the workers and for the animals. Though our circus doesn’t travel by train and I haven’t also, I enjoyed how the book portrayed it. But be informed, this is not about circus. It is about a love story.

The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show On Earth is at the brink of indefinite loss until Jacob appeared. He is an undergrad veterinarian at Cornell who was lost, both literally and figuratively, on his predicament. Jacob tames Rose, an Elephant, letting her perform tricks and obey commands. But on Jacob’s stay he falls in love with Marlena, the head animal trainer’s wife. Jacob is about to cross authority beyond his feelings.


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I have no excuse. I got stuck thinking on what should be the Chapter 2 or the next thing that will happen to my story. When I started writing, I muttered to myself, This does not make any sense. Well, I got disappointed and left the document. I ended up doing more movie reviews instead, which was also fun.

Something is holding back. My story is about adventure and fantasy. Unfortunately, I have only read the Harry Potter Series regarding the genre. Also, I have only started reading books. My reading experience is a bit raw. So my question is do I need to read hundreds of books about the genre before I should write?

What do you suggest?

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This is the  first chapter of my story. I don’t really know if I can call this chapter. I don’t know how much words should a chapter contain, let alone what should it contain. But hopefully, you could give me insights on how bad did it go. Thanks looking forward to your responses or violent reactions.


The Rashadine village was celebrating the 32nd anniversary of its independence. Each of them wore their greatest attire. People were decorating their respective hats, wanting to look their best. Foods are already prepared for the night’s feast. Their upper garment always consists of sleeveless brown shirt with red stripes lay upon the middle. They also bore beads of skull around their neck. Their nose were pierced with the sharp fangs of a sabertooth tiger. The lower garment resembled tight short pants that only runs down before the kneecap. They wore no footwear for their feet were thick enough not to feel the earth.

At the center of a venue stood three totems, each carved into an eagle. On the totems’ side laid a group of logs, waiting to be lit. The totems were surrounded by a circle of variety of food, waiting to be eaten. The Rines, the inhabitants, stood behind the fruits, waiting for the ceremony to start.


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I wish I was here with better news. How I am going well with my summer reading list or how’s my story is going on.I wish I was. I wish my cold will disappear. Apparently, this already lasted for about a week. It troubled me. I was drinking water all the time. I am taking medicine. But still, I got a cold. A moment of pondering gave me the culprit. I wasn’t having enough sleep for the past few days. I always sleep late at night. It’s no good. I always face the computer. Its no good.

I have to run some errands. I am slacking off my summer reading list. I could barely stare at the words for about five minutes. Even if I can read it, my mind can’t process it. My neurons are too preoccupied on my condition. I haven’t started to fill my remaining story. It took an enormous effort just to type this sentence. Yes, the previous sentence. I was supposed to be sweating hard right now. Thinking what to right and enjoying my vacation but instead I am on the bed. My face buried into the pillow. Well, I hope I get well soon.

What are you waiting for at this very moment? I hope it’s not as bad as mine. Ciao

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hunger games

Twenty-four tributes are thrown to an arena. They have to kill or they die.

I was reluctant to read this book. It was in the first person point of view and it had a female protagonist for a bloody adventure which made me believe that the book was filled with dramatic and whimsical scenes. However, the book reminded me, again, to shed my prejudice.

Katniss’, the protagonist, personality is firm like man. She is also capable of hunting long before the event began. She narrates mildly but will seize your eyes open within the first several pages. The narration was done effortlessly and seamlessly. For a moment you are in the past and you travel back without feeling disturb.


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I’m planning to join this challenge. Basically, I have to set some goals and by the end of 80 Days I have to complete it. Obviously, this will be a set of words, as the name of the challenge suggest. There will be no reward however to achieve a self-actualization is more than enough. Not only that, I get to meet other writers as I see their work.

I’m planning to write a novel but that seems daunting considering I have to write thousand of words. So I decided to write a “story”. Regardless of how long it is as long it has a story – plot, characters, conflict. Well, I guess an hour every day will do. I don’t know how it goes since this is my first time writing a fiction. Moreover, this will be my biggest project yet. I’m somewhat intimidated that all of the participants are already graduate of their writing courses compared to me, a teenager, undergraduate and has a course no relation to creative writing. Oh well, let us see how it goes. (more…)

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Five years from now I will graduate from my course, provided that I have no failing subjects. Then I will apply for a job. Provided that I have a reasonable marks, I will probably advance to next step, which is the interview. I am hopeless in speaking. I always stutter. I always eat my words. I always get a mental  block. However, given the large span of time to prepare I guess I could make it. Contradicting my previous contradiction, even if I can speak clearly, there’s no way I could prepare for the question. So I started searching , then I found one and it reads “How Weird Are You?”.

If I was asked the same question, I could probably see the vision of me unemployed. The dilemma led me to a conclusion  to answer it so that I am more ready when the real one arrives.


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Harry has to destroy the Horcruxes before Voldemort kills him.

Given the huge disappointment on the last instalment, this movie was a big leap. It captured nearly all the key points of the book, but not entirely. There were some scenes added out of creative invention and some were omitted, to support the pace of the film. Nevertheless, it was a good movie to begin the epic ending.

The movie seized the intense situation of the story. All that it takes was just to see the New Minister of Magic speaking forcefully to the public.  I can already feel that the tension building. That the situation they were in was not a child’s play. The Chase for the Potters scene was enough to hook you for the whole movie. The jets of green and red light were impressive. It even gave me a jolt, as if I was hit by one.


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Everyone has the intention to get fit. It’s hard to say which exercise can maximize the full benefits in a span of time. But it is never wrong to try out the old, popular way that proved to be worthwhile.  Jogging is a helpful exercise to enhance lifestyle. It offers many benefits and outweighs the risk.

Jogging can help you reduce the danger of having a heart attack and stroke. When you jog you’re allowing your blood to circulate progressively throughout the body. You also sweat and thus your body require more water. The large intake of water can help replenish the body. It cleanses both the arteries and veins.


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the five people you meet in heaven.I don’t know if I would feel sorry or happy when Eddie died. He was a soldier. He was a maintenance worker. He neither led a good way life or a miserable one. He went to heaven and met five people. These persons explained something about his life that needed clarification and recognition. The book had really no deep conflict. But the reason that I turned its pages was the curiosity of who would he meet and what lesson would he learn.

I liked the author’s idea of heaven, though I beg to differ that mine is still better. In the book, you can choose any place to be heaven. You can look younger or older as you please. You can also watch memories back and forth. When you arrived you can’t talk for the purpose that you should first listen.


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NBA: NOV 16 Pistons v Lakers

Anyone who knows me can claim that I’m not physically and mentally fit to play various sports. When I say I suck I am not being modest. However, my friends always called me whenever they had a game. I don’t know what they are up to. If they just want to increase my self-esteem or just want to see me ridiculously play. In any other intentions, I always end up submitting to their will. The games we played made me realized how I suck at sports.

I played basketball last year and it went bad. Whenever I got the ball I find myself trembling. I always passed it randomly. Whenever I hold the ball, it felt like a great responsibility like they expect me to shoot the ball or show some tricks. So I usually throw it away immediately to save myself from humiliation. One time when we were having a fast break, someone called out my name. Not knowing that was the signal for pass, I faced the voice’s direction and receiving the ball right on my forehead. I felt my head cracked open. Sometimes, I wanted to have a clear shot but the opportunity never seemed to present itself.

The other day, I and my father went to the park to play tennis. But when we arrived there are already others playing. So we can’t play together. I think I have already said Sorry for the hundredth time already. The tennis ball always hit the net. I knew my opponent was not having fun and neither do I. The same goes for Ping-Pong. I can barely catch tennis ball let alone the Ping-Pong ones. I once got hit by a paddle. It nearly broke the bridge of my nose. I had to cover it with a cloth due to its excessive bleeding.


These days our country is getting interested in soccer. Almost all students in our town know how to play soccer even my little brother. I am glad it didn’t happen in my time. I surely don’t want to break my leg. When I was a child, I encouraged my classmates to play soccer. I actually enjoyed it until we had to stop because my classmate was hit directly unto his face. Well of course, they  put the blame on me.

When Manny Pacquiao’s glorious moments were rising, my dark days were looming. All towns took pride over his victories and ours was no different. We had daily sparring. My father encouraged me to fight. I had already received several blows before I gave my first. The match only ended because of the weather. Even though I hated rain because of the sickness it caused me, I started to like it.

I don’t know if I’ll ever enjoy sports. I tried finding my old friends but they are all busy. Even if I tried to join games, I doubted if anyone would admit me. There are now new generations that are playing. Besides who would like to play with a guy like me, I’m skinny, short and easily distracted. It will be a total disadvantage to their part.

But playing sports seems fun. I mean almost all people indulge in it. Almost all males are engage to sports. I am determined to sulk, but the truth is, I want to be part of the game.


Please let me improve my writing. Comment to my grammar and composition.

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Every Saturday is market day and people are busy. As I was approaching, I saw many people in commotion. I figured they were in negotiation, they always were. But before that I saw a man, an old man. I used to know him back then in a tailoring shop. His figure hasn’t change, I whispered to myself. He still wears a plaster on his face. I once heard that his nose was wiped clean and so he had to cover it to prevent repugnance. His hands were gnarled. Even though I am at a distance, I clearly saw his wrinkled and loose skin. I can’t see his eyes I figured his eyelids were too heavy for him to lift. He had lesser hair than I last saw him. I guess he was going bald. He had no shoes but he wore socks. I guess it was better than nothing.

He was walking with the aid of metal for his support. I figured he was practicing. For every three step he took, he lifted the Zimmer frame and he stepped again for three times. As I look on his face, there was no smile. It only showed remorse. I paused and sat on my knees and said a short prayer.

I hope Lord that before the aged dies they may find contentment for their lives.

Then, I continued to walk. The people in the market were diminishing since it was already sunset. But still there were many people, as far as my fingers were concerned. There were fruits, vegetables and used clothes. After a bit of sightseeing, I was disappointed. I was hoping I could buy something to bring with me home. I decided to go home but taking a different route.

I was kicking rocks, slightly hoping I could get an award for doing it. But before I got the award, I saw a lady. She was in her forties. I remembered her back then because she sold different kinds of kakanin on our school when I was a little kid. She was wearing a long skirt and slightly tattered yellow kamiseta. She had her goods hanged in her right elbow while holding an umbrella. She laid the umbrella on her shoulder like a marching musketeer. Her left hand waved in the air, calling for costumers. I paused and stood on my ground. I bowed and prayed.

I hope Lord that you give success on the efforts of the people who have worked hard.

But this time, I didn’t just walked away. I ran towards her and decided to help her.

“Is there” I asked, panting, “any left?”

She smiled and answered, “Yes, there is”.

“How many,” I inquired while bending over my knees, catching my breath.

She opened the basket and mouthed numbers while counting. She finally said, “Three”

“I’ll take it.” I handed the money. As I received the goods, it felt good, like receiving an award, an outstanding award.

On the curb I saw some teenagers. They had grown up. Last time I saw them they were playing in dirt and chasing butterflies.  They were even taller than me now. I glanced on my left and I saw a boy. He was short haired, tanned brown and skinny. He had pimples. I remembered this boy. Then I said I prayer.

I hope Lord I’ll stay the same and if by chance I do change please make it for the better.

Then I walked home.


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Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

In order to hide his insecurity from his ex-girlfriend, Nick asked Nora to be his girlfriend for five minutes. This proposal ends up to a night worth to remember.

If you have felt angst, confusion and insecurity, then you have shared the emotion evoked from the novel. It captured the contemporary teenagers’ behaviour and feelings through Nick and Norah’s one night odyssey.

The degree of realism was worth notable. The book didn’t hold back on conjuring the teenagers’ personality. It explicitly showed their opinions and thoughts about things regardless of being blasphemous or irrational. Since there are two authors, it was clever of them to use back-in-fort point of view. First chapter you will be in the mind of Nick, next you will be with Nora and it continues until the end of the story. It was quite a unique strategy. It added a depth to what the character’s really felt.

However, it took me awhile to get used to the language. It was always an informal tone, even within their heads. They both use the F-word in every paragraph I read. Norah even addressed Jesus Christ as J.C., with a punky tone. The environment was new. It introduced many band names and band members and punk music, which I barely know and I have no slightest interest. The preceded details made me reluctant to finish it. However as I see it, it doesn’t offer any blasphemy or any musical references. The theme for the five-minute relationship  still shines through.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is like a media player set into a shuffle mode. It sets a variety of music but at some point you will be able hear them all. It doesn’t matter whether you live in New York or admires punk music because you will still be able to feel the story.

I liked the concept of Nick’s infinite playlist:

I shouldn’t want the song to end. I always think of each night as a song. Or each moment as a song. But now I’m seeing we don’t live in a single song. We move from song to song, from lyric to lyric, from chord to chord. There is no ending here. It’s an infinite playlist.

Note: If you have watched the movie, I suggest you read the novel. If you have read the novel, I suggest you watch the movie.  They are somehow different but both are worth your attention.

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