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Balthazar making a plasma bolt

If this The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a book, it can be easily identified in a young adult fantasy shelf. If given a chance, the story would make a series. The story have many doors but due to time constraint’s only few are open. But don’t worry, your popcorn and soda will not be a waste. You will still feel how fun a Friday movie night can be.

A hundred years ago, a master sorcerer have three apprentice and as the movie warns, he should only have two. The conflict starts when Horvath, one of the apprentice, helps Morgana, the villain, to cast a spell that would reincarnate dead people and be able to control them – a preparation for world domination.

On the attempt, Morgana was stopped, and with Horvath they are sealed into a doll, but not yet killed. In result, however, the master dies. Only the next generation of Merlin, a powerful wizard, can defeat Morgana and it iss Balthazar’s job (Nicolas Cage) to find him.

The chosen one is Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), a physics student who knows how to make a tesla coil dance and sing. At first, he is reluctant but after some prodding, he finally agreed to take the responsibility. On the other hand, Horvath accidentally escapes from the doll and is also preparing for his own apprentice. (more…)

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