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We have many candidates. Gathering ideas. Outlining. Drafting. Revising. Editing. Submitting. Or simply getting started, particularly the first sentence. As a writer by a hobby, a profession or a virtue, we have different experiences in the torture of writing process. But of all the hardest part about writing, first sentence is ought to be in the first place, at least in my case. It is not the second sentence, the third or the last. It is not the second body paragraph or the concluding paragraph. It will always be the first sentence. The problem is not what we’ll be writing but rather how will we start it.

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Before I mislead you, I am not offering any help or ideas on how to get by this condition or dilemma. (But I certainly need one.) When I open my laptop’s lid and plunge into a word processor, I am faced with a blank document for a half an hour and is subject to extension or lesser if I ever get tempted to watch videos. Or worst: I never get to start anything at all. At that moment, there are many things in my mind. Many but none of deemed worthy to be the first sentence. I wrote the first sentence of the first paragraph of this post after my fourth revision, luckily.


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