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After hearing a handful and meaningful comments from other ROWers, I was able to continue in my story. I didn’t write as fast as the previous chapter but I’m really happy on my progress. I was surprise when I started writing ; all of the details seem to fall in place. The comments was so invigorating that not only I started to plan Chapter 2 but also Chapter 3. I also realized that creative writing takes liberty. I may watch out some of the thumb-rules (and grammar of course) but other than there are no constraints to limit my story. It was fun. My mind is plotting ahead of me.

After contemplating on the last few days, I figured I am not productive when I don’t planned ahead. Without goal, I can’t figure out if my progress is good or bad. Thus, I decided to reach 250 words at the end of each day. And by every week I will have a chapter.

Again, Thank You for the community. I will give back the favor to you all.

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I have no excuse. I got stuck thinking on what should be the Chapter 2 or the next thing that will happen to my story. When I started writing, I muttered to myself, This does not make any sense. Well, I got disappointed and left the document. I ended up doing more movie reviews instead, which was also fun.

Something is holding back. My story is about adventure and fantasy. Unfortunately, I have only read the Harry Potter Series regarding the genre. Also, I have only started reading books. My reading experience is a bit raw. So my question is do I need to read hundreds of books about the genre before I should write?

What do you suggest?

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This is the  first chapter of my story. I don’t really know if I can call this chapter. I don’t know how much words should a chapter contain, let alone what should it contain. But hopefully, you could give me insights on how bad did it go. Thanks looking forward to your responses or violent reactions.


The Rashadine village was celebrating the 32nd anniversary of its independence. Each of them wore their greatest attire. People were decorating their respective hats, wanting to look their best. Foods are already prepared for the night’s feast. Their upper garment always consists of sleeveless brown shirt with red stripes lay upon the middle. They also bore beads of skull around their neck. Their nose were pierced with the sharp fangs of a sabertooth tiger. The lower garment resembled tight short pants that only runs down before the kneecap. They wore no footwear for their feet were thick enough not to feel the earth.

At the center of a venue stood three totems, each carved into an eagle. On the totems’ side laid a group of logs, waiting to be lit. The totems were surrounded by a circle of variety of food, waiting to be eaten. The Rines, the inhabitants, stood behind the fruits, waiting for the ceremony to start.


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I’m planning to join this challenge. Basically, I have to set some goals and by the end of 80 Days I have to complete it. Obviously, this will be a set of words, as the name of the challenge suggest. There will be no reward however to achieve a self-actualization is more than enough. Not only that, I get to meet other writers as I see their work.

I’m planning to write a novel but that seems daunting considering I have to write thousand of words. So I decided to write a “story”. Regardless of how long it is as long it has a story – plot, characters, conflict. Well, I guess an hour every day will do. I don’t know how it goes since this is my first time writing a fiction. Moreover, this will be my biggest project yet. I’m somewhat intimidated that all of the participants are already graduate of their writing courses compared to me, a teenager, undergraduate and has a course no relation to creative writing. Oh well, let us see how it goes. (more…)

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