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On her early years, Dren is homeschooled

TWO GENETIC Engineers, Clive and Elsa, are making a creature from a different pool of animal DNAs that could suffice research and development of medicine, say, a cure for cancer. The creature actually has a name, Ginger. Now, Ginger is made from countless studies and hefty sum of money. As you all know, genetic engineered organism has lower life span and it would be a great loss both for the corporation and the scientist to see that happen. Remember the first cloned sheep Dolly? So they create Fred, a male version, who is supposed to mate with Ginger and produce off springs.

Then something went wrong. (Of course something should go wrong, how else could the story go on? Sorry I’m just messing with myself.)  When Ginger and Fred is presented with the shareholders, something like, “Behold, the creature that will change the face of the Earth!”, they somehow disliked each other, I’m understating the word disliked they did much worse than that. It is a big let down and the project is about to be terminated. But of course, geeky scientist won’t let that happen especially if they spent their whole life to the project, working for perfection. (more…)

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Balthazar making a plasma bolt

If this The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a book, it can be easily identified in a young adult fantasy shelf. If given a chance, the story would make a series. The story have many doors but due to time constraint’s only few are open. But don’t worry, your popcorn and soda will not be a waste. You will still feel how fun a Friday movie night can be.

A hundred years ago, a master sorcerer have three apprentice and as the movie warns, he should only have two. The conflict starts when Horvath, one of the apprentice, helps Morgana, the villain, to cast a spell that would reincarnate dead people and be able to control them – a preparation for world domination.

On the attempt, Morgana was stopped, and with Horvath they are sealed into a doll, but not yet killed. In result, however, the master dies. Only the next generation of Merlin, a powerful wizard, can defeat Morgana and it iss Balthazar’s job (Nicolas Cage) to find him.

The chosen one is Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), a physics student who knows how to make a tesla coil dance and sing. At first, he is reluctant but after some prodding, he finally agreed to take the responsibility. On the other hand, Horvath accidentally escapes from the doll and is also preparing for his own apprentice. (more…)

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the other guys at work

The trailer is funny and so is the film, but only the selected parts.  The whole film is like a parody because of its paper-thin or thoughtless plot. It has humor but the length of the film kills it. This is one of the comedy flicks which you just appreciate clips of the movie and not the whole movie itself.

The Other Guys is a story about two cops who spends most of their duty sitting behind the desk. However, they have different motives. Allen is afraid of gunfight and chose to be the department’s accountant and takes any paperwork – his idea of being safe, while Terry,  an intelligent and well-trained cop, is forced to be with Allen, his partner, because he shot an innocent man but still eager to get back in the battlefield. That’s why when their leading crime fighters died on a “heroic” act Terry drags Allen to various cases, hoping this will be their grand debut. (more…)

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Water For Elephants (2011)

Water For Elephants, based on a novel by Sara Gruen, is a love story set on a circus during The Great Depression. Jacob accidentally hops off on a circus train, looking for a job. His application is about to be denied when he mentioned he is a veterinarian graduate from Cornell. August, the circus manager, take interest and hires him.

At that time, the circus is at the brink of quitting. August thinks an elephant would be the solution – by attracting more attention the circus can gain more profit. Rosie, the elephant, is untrained and knows nothing about tricks or following orders and thus the role of Jacob comes in. At work, Jacob falls in love with Marlena, the star-studded performer and happens to be August’s wife. He knows his feelings would infuriate August and decides to hide it. But he can’t.

The film starts off like Titanic. An aged man is full of stories and when he is prompted, he floods the asker with details. The whole events in the movie happens during the man’s revelation. (more…)

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This film is based on the first three books of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I’m not an avid fan of the series but I have read the first book, The Bad Beginning, and it was great. Like the books, the film is filled with dreadful events yet shows a little humor – enough to make you hope for a happy ending. But don’t get you’re hopes too high.

The story is about a Happy Little Elf who happens to enjoy quirky songs accompanied by lovely birds and other lovely creatures you can think of. The film is done out of clay and shows gleeful scenes. Am I right? Wrong. The narrator goes to warn the audience that if you love happy ending go see another movie.

The Baudelaire Children

The story is about the Baudelaire children suffering from the clutches of an evil and greedy villain. The Baudelaire children are blessed with uncanny skills. Violet, 14 and the oldest, is an inventor. She fancies herself on machines, both simple and complex. Klaus is a bookworm and it is safe to say that he have read thousands of books and at least one for every subject, which makes him a sure winner of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Top this: everything he read he remembered. Sunny, the youngest , is a baby. She busies herself on biting, almost anything and like every baby, she speaks gibberish language. These are the reasons they survived every threat and the reason that makes the film interesting. (more…)

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The Nanny Diaries

I never knew nannies in New York have job, other than child-rearing, like a personal assistant. Receiving errand one after the other. Trying to make the ends meet. They were also expected to be a governess, to do dry cleaning and to fetch for a restaurant reservation. They are not just to fill the gaps of parenting but they are likely to be considered as the parents. As the looks of it, almost all of them are even underpaid.

Mrs. X, a demanding, careless mother and have grown mindless to her son’s existence, is in need for a nanny to Grayer, a bubbly and sometimes snobby four-year old kid. She then hires Nan, a senior college student at NYU who can’t finance her education and living and thus resolves to make money by childcare.

As Nan gets admitted to the job, she is then bombarded with countless tasks and is invited to numerous events. At once in a halloween custome party, Nan finds out that Mr. X is having an affair with another woman. Afraid of being involved to a rotten marriage, she figures she should quit but the thought of leaving Grayer in the middle of a dillemma is unbearable. Everyday, Nan tries to juggle Mrs. X’s endless tasks and raising Grayer. “But to do it well is to lose it”. (more…)

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The Virgin Suicides

“Cecilia was the first to go,” the movie starts, followed by an ambulance, implying how serious her attempt was. When asks why she did it, she replies,”Obviously, Doctor, you’ve never been a 13-year-old girl”.

A drastic event about five daughters who commits suicide at Michigan in 1970’s is told by a collective narrator(s) that have a passion and love for the Lisbon girls. Their voice acts as a guideline as the film progresses and the information revealed came from their extensive research and intimate memories. Despite the complex storyline, Sofia Coppola handled a dramatic story, from the book of Jeffrey Eugenides with the same title, with such subtlety and had managed to produce an independent film filled with eerie and sad feeling yet memorable at the same time. (more…)

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The Way Back (2010)

I can’t walk straight for about one hour, let alone twenty minutes in a sun-baked desert. Their 4000-mile walk, unlike any marathon, they don’t have a stop for a drinking fountain or even raise a white flag to surrender, is a dying cry for freedom . Because they don’t have any choices but to walk. A story about captivity amidst the ongoing war, this historical film recounts the mysterious travelers who escaped prison, from Siberia to India.

Janusz (Jim Sturgess) is convicted a spy to the soviet union by her wife, who was forced to reveal the information due to torture. He ends up in a camp in Siberia and later meets Mr. Smith (Ed Harris) and other people who became an accomplice to the escape. After knowing the way out , and luckily a bad weather to cover their attempt, they cut the wire fence and is chased by the guards. (more…)

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In today’s streams of action and thriller films, Hanna is different. It transcends to the plot not by narration but by brilliant imagery. This film showcases the beauty of film making.

Hanna underwent intense home-schooling. Apart from being trained to be assassin, Hanna was intelligent. She knew the discoveries of science and the mysteries of literature. Thanks to Eric, her father, she was deprived from social interaction. Without any questions, she was determined to kill Marissa, an official whom Eric worked with.

You are not always plunged in through a series of action. But when it happens, it will leave you breathless. The fight scenes are something to look forward. They are well choreographed and you can sense gracefulness as it leads your eyes to amusement. I’ve started to appreciate steadicam on Joe Wright’s portrayal. The effect couldn’t have been achieve if a different technique was used.


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Sucker Punch (2010)

I persistently convinced myself to see this movie even though I have already read some reviews – negative reviews. Well, I decided to see it for myself. Unfortunately, I got what I deserved.

After Baby Doll’s mother dies, her lecherous father gets frustrated because he will not receive anything from the will. He attempts to rape her daughters but upon struggle he killed Baby Doll’s sister. When the police arrives, her father tells that Baby Doll was suffering from depression and put the blame on her. Baby Doll was placed into a mental institution. She attempts to escape and in the process befriended four other patients.

In order for them to get out from the asylum, they need to get five artifacts that will contribute to their escape. Every artifact presents a battle.

Before the trailer misled you, there were three different story worlds. First is the reality. Second is the burlesque club. Third is the sword-hand-gun combat battle ground. The battles happen in Baby Doll’s mind when she dances. She dances for the club. The club was a theatrical play for the patients’ therapy.

Emily Browning as Babydoll


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Tangled Movie Poster

There was nothing new about the film. It has a Princess-Prince theme that almost all fairy tales possess. Although there are some plot changes, it still winds up with a happily-ever-after ending. The villain was no less than a witch. It is almost the same with other animated film I have seen. But it works. I literally enjoyed the movie.

Gothel, her mother, confined Rapunzel in a secluded tower for her own good. It was because her hair had the ability to restore one’s youth. Rapunzel requested to experience the world outside. However, she got rejected and was told she will never get the permission. Flynn, a thief, was running away from the castle guards and found his way to the tower. The chance finally arrived and Rapunzel seized it.


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The Social Network is the movie adaptation on how the Facebook came to be. It is about Mark Zuckerberg, a computer prodigy, who created FaceMash after he broke up with his girlfriend. The site allowed people to rate who’s hot and who’s not. It was terminated because it brought shame to girls who represented the pictures. Apparently, the Winklevoss brothers got interested on Mark’s attempt and decided to work with him.

It took me long to realize that the film is filling with flashbacks. The present scene, which appears later in the movie, is when Mark is facing a lawsuit from his bestfriend. The lawyers keep exchanging questions with the clients which results to a lasting flashback for each answer.

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Now that they have children, they are getting busy juggling family and work. However, the conflict doesn’t revolve on having a child or the relationship of couple but for the father and his in-law. The love-hate relationship of Greg and Jack was still on. Jack became suspicious about Greg after her another daughter got wasted on her marriage.

The movie was still funny and serious. But I should say not as funny as its predecessor.  I love the jokes when it first came out. However, making a third movie about a same theme is establishing its own cliché. I have to protest about the misleading title. The “Little Fockers” isn’t the focal point of the movie. I think they just used the kids to channel more conflict between Greg and Jack.


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