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After hearing a handful and meaningful comments from other ROWers, I was able to continue in my story. I didn’t write as fast as the previous chapter but I’m really happy on my progress. I was surprise when I started writing ; all of the details seem to fall in place. The comments was so invigorating that not only I started to plan Chapter 2 but also Chapter 3. I also realized that creative writing takes liberty. I may watch out some of the thumb-rules (and grammar of course) but other than there are no constraints to limit my story. It was fun. My mind is plotting ahead of me.

After contemplating on the last few days, I figured I am not productive when I don’t planned ahead. Without goal, I can’t figure out if my progress is good or bad. Thus, I decided to reach 250 words at the end of each day. And by every week I will have a chapter.

Again, Thank You for the community. I will give back the favor to you all.

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