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Rosemary Telesco smiling back at Gabe in the park

One of my friends, for the lack of better word, miscommented on one of my posts. He was supposed to discuss the actor of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” but winded up on “Little Manhattan.” The latter film was starred by Josh Hutcherson, the actor who has a part on the upcoming “The Hunger Games”, and Charlie Ray, a talented actress who made the film her debut. After some deliberate searching, I came to like the plot and eventually prompted me to watch it.

“Little Manhattan” is a story of Gabe who falls in love with Rosemary Telesco when he attended a karate class. Despite of the “historical significance” that little boys should hate little girls, Gabe is confused in this new profound feeling. He doesn’t know what should he do or better yet how should he do it. Not to mention that he and Rosemary are below 12-year old, the two kids settles for a mediocre but sweet ride. (more…)

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