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English messing around with his contact

THE JAMES-BOND spy spoof film is back after 7 years of hibernation. For some reason Johnny English, the simpleton spy,  is now in Tibet together with a bunch of monks.  He is in some sort of total isolation, finding his mind apart from his body and practicing some weird activities like getting his genetalia resistant to any foreign power (which proved helpful in his final confrontation with the antagonist).

This isn’t the sort of film I enjoyed watching in the theater. Its funny and all especially the stunning performance of Rowan Atkinson, who still haven’t lost his charm on slapstick comedy. Some plot-points get worn-out like the dialogue of English, “Am I ready master?” with a serious look on his face and his masters snaps “No”. I was perhaps looking forward for a total laughing gas but I only got a fart (though equally funny) in between the scenes. We’re talking about Rowan Atkinson here, the legendary Mr. Bean who revolutionize comedy TV series. (more…)

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