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Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka

CHOCOLATE IS made from cocoa that is pounded and liquified and further heated up and mixed with other tasty ingredients (talked about milk and vanilla), materialized by a container and the end result is either a chocolate bar, chocolate candy, chocolate cake and chocolate toothpaste – kids are getting desperate. Did you know that the single most culprit for cavity and eventually toothache is chocolate?  Most likely if you eat chocolate for one year straight you end up wearing dentures. Plus, you’d be in insomnia since chocolate is known for a source of quick energy. Would you believe me if I told you that what I have written above is all made up?

But we’re not talking about chocolates or cavities – too gross for a subject. That is just my excuse for an introductory paragraph.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is a film based on a children’s book of the same name by Roald Dahl. It starred by Freddie Highmore (“August Rush”, “The Spiderwick Chronicles”) and Johnny Depp (no need for reference), also includes the actress Helena Bonham Carter, and directed by Tim Burton. By now you have the idea of what the film will look like: unique, acidic, nostalgic, creepy. But of course, the calibre is narrowed so as not to scare children, who may droll over the luscious chocolates offered in the story.

Did you ever wonder that almost all of Tim Burton’s successful films include Johnny Depp? That’s because they are close friends and so Burton knows exactly what kind of character fits Depp. Think “Sweeney Todd” and “Edward Scissorhands”.

The film begins with a preview of how the chocolates are made inside the Wonka’s chocolate factory, all powered by machine except the owner himself, Willy Wonka (Depp). Not for long, we learn why. On the peak of Wonka’s career, his competitors frowned because they didn’t have a market to share. They sent spies and collected Wonka’s secret ingredients. Soon, they managed to create competitive products and the monopoly was over. This disheartened Wonka and blamed the event to his disloyal workers. From then on, he decided to operate alone. (more…)

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rango_ver2_movie_posterRango, a pitiful lizard, was looking out for adventure and found himself in a sun-baked desert. He is a stranger and strangers don’t last long there.

The movie was a mediocre animated film, in terms of how the story goes. There wasn’t really great about the movie. It has the same cliché theme of heroism. Moreover, the protagonist goes again for being self-centred and haughty upon having too much attention. I would not also see it totally fit for children. There was inappropriate language and death, which isn’t really necessary. Although the moral of the story was obvious, there were some scenes that are open to different interpretations. There were also less conflict and less intimidating antagonist. As the story builds its tension, I was disappointed. It was not as equally thrilling as I expected.


However, I surely enjoyed the compelling characters. There were singing owls, armadillo, iguana and some much more. I also experienced many comic reliefs and other entertaining scenes. Like the part where they start shooting each other riding with bats. The visual effects are stunning, down to the minor details. The score and music was engaging, it really adds depth to the scenery.

I wouldn’t say you should really watch it. True, it was funny and has outstanding graphics but apart from that it was flat. In fact, it uses many references from western movies, which I didn’t appreciate since I am an Asian. However, if you are with your friends or family and want to kill time and be entertained.  Rango will suffice your need.


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