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Unlikely Allies

Allies are ideal. They are useful in many ways. They can ease your tasks and increase your self-worth. However, you may be better off choosing allies with the same interests as yours. People who have different concepts, work availability* and attitude are better off going solo.

If you have different interests, you will have different concept of ideas. One may prefer to spend weekend sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and watching movies. The other may prefer playing basketball and get his body all worked up. As you contemplate on choices, you might lead to an argument.


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I have no excuse. I got stuck thinking on what should be the Chapter 2 or the next thing that will happen to my story. When I started writing, I muttered to myself, This does not make any sense. Well, I got disappointed and left the document. I ended up doing more movie reviews instead, which was also fun.

Something is holding back. My story is about adventure and fantasy. Unfortunately, I have only read the Harry Potter Series regarding the genre. Also, I have only started reading books. My reading experience is a bit raw. So my question is do I need to read hundreds of books about the genre before I should write?

What do you suggest?

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