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In today’s streams of action and thriller films, Hanna is different. It transcends to the plot not by narration but by brilliant imagery. This film showcases the beauty of film making.

Hanna underwent intense home-schooling. Apart from being trained to be assassin, Hanna was intelligent. She knew the discoveries of science and the mysteries of literature. Thanks to Eric, her father, she was deprived from social interaction. Without any questions, she was determined to kill Marissa, an official whom Eric worked with.

You are not always plunged in through a series of action. But when it happens, it will leave you breathless. The fight scenes are something to look forward. They are well choreographed and you can sense gracefulness as it leads your eyes to amusement. I’ve started to appreciate steadicam on Joe Wright’s portrayal. The effect couldn’t have been achieve if a different technique was used.


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