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In the Philippines, a country with 7,107 islands, we have more or less 130 languages. Only thirteen are well known. I happened to speak Cebuano, my dialect. It was widely spoken to our village and I grew with it. If there were a speaker of another dialect, I doubt if he is a commoner. He’s either having a vacation or just happens to pass by. Generally, I don’t need a dictionary to learn a word since the language had already worn out my ears but, now, I think I need one.

Sitting in a pew, last seat last row, I carefully listened to the priest’s sermon. It was about looking what we have done these past few days; I understood that. Then, it was now having a devotion to God; still, I understood that. After a while, the priest started using foreign words. I was utterly confused and what was more confusing was nobody felt the same way as I did.


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