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This film is based on the first three books of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I’m not an avid fan of the series but I have read the first book, The Bad Beginning, and it was great. Like the books, the film is filled with dreadful events yet shows a little humor – enough to make you hope for a happy ending. But don’t get you’re hopes too high.

The story is about a Happy Little Elf who happens to enjoy quirky songs accompanied by lovely birds and other lovely creatures you can think of. The film is done out of clay and shows gleeful scenes. Am I right? Wrong. The narrator goes to warn the audience that if you love happy ending go see another movie.

The Baudelaire Children

The story is about the Baudelaire children suffering from the clutches of an evil and greedy villain. The Baudelaire children are blessed with uncanny skills. Violet, 14 and the oldest, is an inventor. She fancies herself on machines, both simple and complex. Klaus is a bookworm and it is safe to say that he have read thousands of books and at least one for every subject, which makes him a sure winner of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Top this: everything he read he remembered. Sunny, the youngest , is a baby. She busies herself on biting, almost anything and like every baby, she speaks gibberish language. These are the reasons they survived every threat and the reason that makes the film interesting. (more…)

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Sucker Punch (2010)

I persistently convinced myself to see this movie even though I have already read some reviews – negative reviews. Well, I decided to see it for myself. Unfortunately, I got what I deserved.

After Baby Doll’s mother dies, her lecherous father gets frustrated because he will not receive anything from the will. He attempts to rape her daughters but upon struggle he killed Baby Doll’s sister. When the police arrives, her father tells that Baby Doll was suffering from depression and put the blame on her. Baby Doll was placed into a mental institution. She attempts to escape and in the process befriended four other patients.

In order for them to get out from the asylum, they need to get five artifacts that will contribute to their escape. Every artifact presents a battle.

Before the trailer misled you, there were three different story worlds. First is the reality. Second is the burlesque club. Third is the sword-hand-gun combat battle ground. The battles happen in Baby Doll’s mind when she dances. She dances for the club. The club was a theatrical play for the patients’ therapy.

Emily Browning as Babydoll


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