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Set up in an apocalyptic world, “28 Days Later” is a film about several survivors running away from a swarm of zombies. It is unclear what is the main reason of the catastrophe. All we see is a break-out in a laboratory having an experiment of chimpanzees. But still, it is unclear how it gets transmitted.

Jim wakes up in a hospital after four weeks of the break-out. He finds out that the whole hospital is deserted and so is the whole London. Totally lost in the scenario, he enters a church, hoping for a sanctuary. But instead he finds a group of zombies and worst, the priest is in the club.

This British horror film is unique. The fear drawn is not relying in the soundtrack, which most of horror films do. Rather, you can feel it through the screenplay. The early part the movie immerses us in a deserted city. This takes some time but the feeling is vibrant. You get the feel of being utterly alone. Surprisingly, this does work and same with the succeeding acts.

Jim surveys the deserted London


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