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In times when I lost something, a pen or book, I always sulk and complain where it went. My father, which has no help at all, will then tease me and say, “Find it with your hands, not with your mouth”. When all hope is lost, I pondered about how I taken it for granted. But just give me days and I will forget it. However, in Sandy’s case, she won’t.

Sandy had been obsessed in finding her lost things since an incident of Jenny-May Butler’s sudden disappearance. From a single sock to a memorable diary, she would strip their house naked just to find it. But not all search cases ended up with satisfaction. Eventually after realizing that she had potential, she started an agency on finding missing persons.

On her search for Jack Ruttle’s case, she had wandered to a path that she has been long looking for. A path that led to place called “Here”, where all missing things stayed, even missing people. Now, she had satisfied her lifelong search but it conjured another one. How could she find her way back home?


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