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Last week, my sister wanted to borrow my flash drive. She craved to get a copy of a Korean TV Series. I refused, knowing that she had her own flash drive and besides one of my living legacy is don’t lend personal things, doing so would break my self-made promise. If you have guessed that my decision was final, you would have been wrong. How could I resist on persistent pleading. Of course not. But little did I know, that was the most right decision I have ever made, at least at the time of this writing.

Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi

The Korean TV Series was “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.” I saw it aired on a local channel, they always do, they can’t put up a good show and so they borrow from other countries and this has been the tradition of local channels, competing for who has to get the latest hit TV Series.

After I got the flash drive, some days later, I was about to delete the files in one button, all of them were already highlighted, waiting to meet the recycle bin. If you have guessed that my decision was final, then again you would have been wrong. Something about me wants to check out this series. I opened the first episode and moved the time bar to at least 10 minutes ahead. I was laughing, seeing the crumpled face of the protagonist, Cha Dae Wong, about to be sent to a military camp. I knew that although the series made me laugh, it would not get me hook to the story and so I watched some more and waited how would I react on the succeeding scenes. After I finished the episode, which was surprising since I only desired to see the main characters, I watched some more.

Miho is happy with her new name


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